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Hi - I have set up a programming bay in my workshop for flashing arduinos, with the specific intention of programming them WITHOUT a bootloader - Just straight sketches.
The benefit from this is start up time, there is virtually no pause in starting to run the sketch.

I will do 1 off's up to production runs - I can also program bootloaders onto the chips as well.

I also have the ability to flash attinys (13 -> 2313) again in 1 off's up.

Prices :

1 chip £1 + P&P
2 - 10 chips £0.65 + P&P
11 -> POA

PM Me if you need more info.
http://www.uk-pcb.co.uk - UK Based PCB Fab & Assembly Company
Design & Assembly work undertaken - Arduino repairs & testing - PM for details. Arduino & C# PC programming.

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