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Hi !
I bought two of these little 2.4G on ebay. Here is the datasheet : http://www.inhaos.com/uploadfile/otherpic/DS-RF2400-V11-EN.pdf
I 'm not sure how to connect them to the arduino Uno and which library would work. Do you think VirtualWire will work ?
And another question, do you think I can use that with an attiny85 if all the pins on this product are not used ?

Thanks !


I 'm not sure how to connect them to the arduino Uno

It says that it uses SPI to communicate. Connect power, ground, and the SPI pins (10 to 13). You get to look up which is which.

Do you think VirtualWire will work ?

No. VrtualWire is for I2C.
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Virtualwire is not I2C, is more like software serial.

Attiny has MISO, MOSI, SCK and 1 more pin, yes? Should be able to make it work then if program memory can hold your code.
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Very interesting.  This thing contains a "Beken BK2401/2421".  This appears to be a clone of an nRF24L01+, after reading through the data sheet.  There is some AVR code at http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_id=36 .

I'd say try a library that targets nRF24L01+, like RF24, and see how that goes.

Theoretically you should absolutely be able to use attiny85.  Never done it myself, but no reason it couldn't work.


hi ,

I confirm the rf2400p  from Inhaos,works with the  library for nRF24L01+


I tested the server  and  client  examples furnished with the library  and they communicate ok



another Arduino library for RF-2400P modules can be found here.

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