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Author Topic: i2c on a gyro  (Read 922 times)
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 hi everyone i try to program my RM-G146 chip with acce, gyro and magnetometer and this is my code...i only tried to get data from my accelerometer but my ouput is always zero... and i dont know whats wrong... please help...this is the device
#include "Wire.h"     
#define gyro_addr 0xD0 
#define magne_addr 0x3C 
#define acce_addr 0x30   
void setup()
  void getdata_gyro()
  void getdata_acce(byte *a, byte *b)
    Wire.requestFrom(acce_addr, 2); 
    *a = Wire.receive(); 
    *b = Wire.receive(); 
  void getdata_magne()
void loop()
 byte aa, bb;    //variables for storage
 getdata_acce(&aa, &bb); 
 Serial.print("a= ");
 Serial.print(aa, HEX);    //prints the value of aa
 Serial.print("\n b=");
 Serial.print(bb, HEX);    //prints the value of bb

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Wire.endTransmission returns a status value of the send. '0' is success. Anything else is an error. That should give you a place to start troubleshooting. Try something like this:
byte rtnVal = Wire.endTransmission();
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It looks like you're using the 8 bit I2C addresses for the device, when using Wire you need to use the 7 bit address only.  Divide each of the addresses by 2 and use those numbers.

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