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May 17, 2012, 03:45 am Last Edit: May 17, 2012, 03:48 am by spirilis Reason: 1
I managed to get mine working with macos with Spy-Bi-Wire only, no UART, but it works with mspgcc and mspdebug.  I've since not touched the hardware but have been slowly digesting the datasheets and wrapping my head around the internals.  I kinda think it has good potential especially for battery powered remote embedded crap, and I am considering a use-case for it.  Just wish it had 5V tolerant I/Os without needing external hardware.  Otherwise when power is easier to come by I think the AVR offers more breathing room especially with enough SRAM to write proper C++ et al (thinking atmega1284p with its 16K SRAM).

The concept of its DCO oscillator (sounds like a 16MHz version of the AVR's 8MHz RC oscillator) vs having a 32KHz watch crystal on a separate clock is fascinating, as it implies a different paradigm where the CPU doesn't need to be super accurate in clocking so long as the software is being interrupt-driven by an accurate timekeeper.  Then again the ATmega can do this with Timer2.  But it's not waking up from deep sleep in <1us like the MSP...

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