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Hello, I am working on a project. I have a 12 volt 9 Amp DC motor that gives 60rpm at 12V, I already bought a power supply, and I have my Arduino board.
I would like to control the speed to 60rpm, but I believe I need something else than just controlling voltage in case of the different weight applied to the motor or different conditions.
Any suggestions? Please! I am not that familiar with electronics and I have been searching online for a solution for about 2 months and I seem to get more confused eveytime. I do NOT need to change direction or change speeds, just the 60 rpm's.
Can someone tell me what to do? I would really really appreciate it, I am really desperate :(
Thank you very much!


You could use PWM to control a large MOSFET which could control the speed. You need to determine the rotation speed of the motor, so that may be a more complex part of the project. This and the old forum may have post about tachometers that possibly could be helpful.
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Hello! Thank you for replying, but it is not that clear to me do I use PWM or should I keep looking? Also you said that PWM is complex or the MOSFET?

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