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Here is the latest Snootlab shield : Deuligne

It is a 2x16 alphanumeric characters LCD shield for Arduino I2C driven with a strong mechanical hooking system.

Principal features :

  • 2 lines of 16 characters dispaly

  • 1 joystick with 5 positions (up, down, left, right, action) using only one analog input pin (A0 defaut, can be changed if necessary)

  • I2C managed display; all the digital input/output of the Arduino are available

  • Library available (link) for Arduino and Arduino 1.0

  • Software configured backlight (can be unactivated)

  • Contrast control on the shield

  • Strong mechanical mounting of the display maintained by spacers and screws

  • Reset buton on top of the shield

You can also use customized characters, see tutorial (link)

A test has been published on the Tronixstuff blog (link).

Available on our website
- Distributeur officiel Arduino - France

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