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I am sure I am using the correct pot (10k) and have wired it correctly.


3 pages of post replies and 1 picture, no pictures on the connection or solder job. I'm out of ideas unless you provide some pictures and the spec sheet.


I have a problem with my software, or maybe it's with my hardware, or maybe it is with the interconnections.  I know that the software is correct so I won't show it to you.  There's lots of hardware like mine out there so I won't tell you which I am using or give you a link to the data sheet.  Anyway I know that there are no idiosyncracies associated with my particular hardware.  I know that my connections are perfect so I won't show you a photograph since I don't need you to check those connections, besides I already gave you a nice fuzzy picture of the display, what else could you need?  There may or may not be any consistency in what shows up on the display, you can take a guess.  I told you that initially everything is shown properly on the display, except when that does not happen.  I can 'play' with the potentiometer and get things to change but you can figure out what I mean by that.  The power is steady but I won't tell you the conditions under which I measured it.  You can ask me specific questions but I won't answer all of them.  I live in Zeroland so if you want to give me any information specific to my location you can't.

Please help me.

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