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The 4.555 is the voltage I got when I measured the analogue input variable power supply and multimeter, so 1023 is reached at roughly 4.555 volts not 5 volts exactly, unless its the multimeter telling me different.

and I think i just added the *2 in there just to make the amps close to what it is ment to be. But yes i got a 0.5 ohm shunt on the ground rail.

Im no coding expert and just improvising where i can.

thanks for the help though.


What does the +5V pin measure? The 4.555V is a bit low, maybe your meter is off? All measurements are relitave to the voltage on the +5V pin.


So I will change out the resistors to be 4.7k & 10k respectively.. and lets me keep the draw form the 'meter' low...

but why @ a stable 7.4v from the PSU am I getting readings of 1023 from +5v - +7.4v??

My guess is that either the resistors you are using are not really 470 ohms and 1K (e.g. the one you think is 1K is actually 10k, or the one you think is 470 ohms is actually 47 ohms), or you are using one of those breadboards that has a break in the middle of the 5v and gnd rails and you haven't taken account of that break (so the 1k resistor is not connected to ground).
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Yeh the 4.55 might be a bit low but at the end of the day i have to calibrate it to something and thats the reading i get @ 1023, its really no big deal i can change it to 5 but is less accurate, according to my meter. But its doesn't have anything to do with the voltage drop issue, or lack of it should i say.


ack!.. you thread stealer!  =)


@ CR-

5V = (8.4V x 10000)/(x + 10000)

should be:

5v = (8.4v x 10000) / (6800 + 10000)


Im still a bit unclear that even with the other resistors in place for a the 7.4v setting.. 'why' it didnt represent a 7.4v 'value' in the serial print?

I mean it was steady 1023 from +5v up to 7.4v..??

I understand why change the resistors.. (since in the end I'll be using 2 x 3.7v li-ions)..

but what was wrong with it currently.. at the 7.4v??  

In my mind.. changing out these resistors will do NOTHING for me?  (but are only to be put in place because in the end I'll be using a 2 x li-ions)

the question (for me) still remains and is unanswered..

WHY with the current set-up of resistors/voltage divder.. and a 7.4v source am I NOT getting any changes in my analogRea() from 5v to 7.4v?

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