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Apr 05, 2012, 10:10 pm Last Edit: Apr 05, 2012, 10:16 pm by bperrybap Reason: 1
The latest library also works on Chipkit.
(Has been tested on the Uno32)
So you can use the same LCD interfaces and backlight control on the pic32 based
Arduino boards using mpide.

There are also some new examples.
LCDiSpeed can be used to show the speed of the LCD interface.
It will tell you how fast a single character and how fast the full
display can be updated.
(See the sketch for details)

--- bill


Apr 06, 2012, 11:35 am Last Edit: Apr 06, 2012, 11:39 am by dweston Reason: 1
Thanks again fm, bperrybap and piccaso


For what it may be worth I obtained the following speeds using a DFRrobot-007 LCD keypad shield coupled to an Arduino Duemilanove using the LCDiSpeed sketch:

(ByteXfer) 85uS
Frame/Sec (FPS) 345.78
Frame Time (Ftime) 2.89mS


Am I right in assuming the new Liquidcrystal library doesn't support event handling as in: addEventListener in the old version?
Also, prior to writing to LCD (write/print), port pins are not set/reset so as to allow usage of pins by other device (multiplexing)?


All these features would have to be built around it. See the library as a generic LCD driver, adding a listener in the application and callbacks is a trivial task. Arbitrating pin usage is also trivial and the library doesn't constrain you, further more this is application dependent, not the responsibility of the driver. Why do you want to penalise users if they don't use muxing, for example?



My apologies, I posted out of context...

In agreement in relation to the first point, it doesn't need it, as to multiplexing, the driver already ensures the pins are set prior to writing therefore it already supports multiplexing...

I incorrectly assumed the new driver did do pin assignment before writing as a sketch (using shared/mulitplexed pins), that worked with the old library did not work on the new... I now need to determine the real problem...

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