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Hi everybody.

I wrote a library for interacting with TM1638 modules.
The library is available at:

The TM1638 modules are modules with 8x 7-segment display (8 digits), 8x 2 color (red and green) LEDs and 8x buttons all self contained without the hassle of the big schematic. The TM1638 does its job nicely - simple serial commands for input and output and a nice simple display + LEDs with memory.

Even more, it's designed to use only 3 pins (clock, data) and an additional pin (strobe) for each module you chain up to 6... that's a total of 8 pins for controlling 48 (8x6) 7-segment digits, 48 buttons and 96 LEDs (48 red and 48 green).
I have tried playing a bit with LCDs too but sometimes something simpler like this is just easier to build on - and great to use as a "helper/debugging" module :).

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Videos of example usage:



great library,using it from today,when was arrived mine 2module 7segment display board.


Thanks for using it. Hope you find it useful.


yes sure!for now only example code or whatever already did on the web,but i'm learning how to programming on arduino because in future i'll use this module inside my home project (2 arduino sending\receiving data\one read and collect various data from gas,monosside,flame\smoke,temperature and pressure sensors,sending them to another arduino via nrf24L01 and upload it on a website(and in future with possibilities to read via mobile,with apps or similar)plus a nrf24l01 driven relay board (the xbee relays shield with nrfl01 connector on-board)that power 2 little motor at prestabilited gas concetration,opening a little window and powering a little air fan).The tm1638 module will be on the fisrt arduino,the one who collect data,to display Temperature and Humidity always,and gas concentration pressing buttons,only for who is in fron of it.For the rest data are read or via website,or via lcd keypad shield mounted on the secnd arduino at 30mts.


Hi, rjbatista !
Thanks for excellent work !
Is it compatible with Arduino Due, or only with older Arduinos?


Thank you.

Unfortunately, I haven't tried it on a Due yet. It has been very hard these days to find time for my hobbies, and I haven't ordered a Due yet.

If I find out, I'll post here.

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