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(I think we should start a thread about generating random numbers ) on power up and burn that into EEPROM at run time.

I think we did a thread from hell several months ago looking for a good/great random power up value to seed the random function. No 'perfect' solution was found as I recall, but I would defer to Coding Badly on that.



There was a lengthy thread about it not that long ago.

I'm not sure this is it:


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A solution might be to add a one-wire device, these all have a 64 bit unique ID, - http://www.maxim-ic.com/products/1-wire/ -

These are super-handy.  DS-2401, $0.80 in qty 25, TO-92 package.

For this same task, I do use the EEPROM, and generate an .eep file and then burn that, so "make eeprom-id PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 ID=10" drops '10' in the right spot.


Thanks guys - looks like the one wire solution will best meet my needs in the long term. In the short term, since my devices include an SD card I think I'll add a file to each card that contains a unique ID - although that still relies on me slotting the correct card into the correct arduino!

World Series? isn't that named after the bloke who established it, rather than being a reference to who it's open to?



World Series? isn't that named after the bloke who established it,

Would that be Oliver World or Fourier Series? 

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