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Hi there Arduino Geeks :-)

I'm very new to this arduino thing and i just got mine a week ago. inspired from my girl and my HamsterII (yes its the second one) I made a Sensor attached to his wheel to catch speed and distance.
its not perfect and i have to buy lots of sensors to catch more and more from a hamster's life.

i made up a little website with php and some graphs. i also made up a cronjob with some random messages to let the hamster tweet. maybe i'll catch something like eliza's db ...
there is no interaction with the internet yet, but lots of ideas like users can give him some drops or refill food. maybe a lcd with some messages to display .. but time is a rare good :)

but i just want to present my idea and his website:


the "how-I-made-this-thing"  is here: http://hamster.data-pirates.org/?w=howto

greetz illu


We love to see things like this! Please keep that web site updated! Thanks!


You should make it so it'll drop it a treat if it runs long enough, and see if it makes the connection

Ran Talbott

Well,   this raises two obvious questions:

1. How did you instrument the hamster so you can tell whether it's asleep?  Was there surgery involved?

2. How do you do the hamster-to-English translation for tweeting?  I checked Google translate,  but there were no rodent languages on the list of options...


I'm not into the whole Twitter thing but I love statistics. This is a fun project, it's the hamster-equivalent of attaching a GPS follower device to your cat ;)

By the way, you may want to obfuscate the URL for your PHP script, in the code that you posted. Someone might get ideas to abuse it and fill your database with crap...

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