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SPI, or Serial Peripheral Interface, is a protocol on many of Atmel's AVR ICs.  It allows high-speed synschronous data transfer between the IC and peripheral devices or between other AVRs.

There are four pins used for that, MOSI/MISO/CLK/SS (on an Uno, those are pins 10, 11, 12, and 13).  Fun little protocol to play with actually. :)


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I forgot, as far as SMD parts ... I stick with 0805 sized stuff.  0603s and smaller are just too dang small for me.  As it is, I'm fairly certain my cats have swallowed several 0805 over the years.  Surprised their eyes aren't glowing yet ... or their poop.

I have never ordered anything from Sure Electronics but they're now on my bookmark *.  I tend to stick with Mouser, Digi-Key or Jameco.  I can get 100 0805 resistors from Jameco for 99 cents.  The only problem is, they don't have a vast assortment like the other guys do.

I do see that Sure Electronics has value packs consisting of different value resistors and such.  Might be a good way to start your collection.

* Now I know why - they're in China and shipping can take a while.  The other guys can get stuff to me over night if I need to and it won't cost me an arm and a leg.


sureelectrojics and sunpec are both ebay sellers I have been looking into..

the link/page on these located here.. states it can drive 7-segment leds..or 64 individual leds??

is this not the case?

question (as Im confused)..

if one had an SD card hooked up to the mix/Arduino...  would THAT take up my SPI 'line/pins'?

what about having Audio playback?  (not using PWM..but more real Audio output....DAC, SPI interface...yes?)

does that mean someone can only do 1 of these things at a time?  drive the MAX7219 and 7221 for large amount of ARRAYS..


have an SD card in the mix..


be playing .wav files?

or can all these be done on he same board/project?

(sorry Im getting a bit off track...but was confused again)

back ON topic..

if not those chips..  than which ones?

large amount of leds.. possibly need two (or more)..

Im not 100% sure if 64 leds would be enough for me or not at this current time.. so Im exploring the options.



The beauty of the SPI interface is that it can communicate with several devices on the chain.  Have a read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_Peripheral_Interface_Bus

Keep in mind just because a vendor sells items on eBay, doesn't mean it's not being shipped from the other side of the world.  It's also harder if you need to send something back because it's the wrong part.

As for your chip selection, I will let someone who knows more about them answer that question.  I just haven't had time to read up on them.


if not those chips..  than which ones?

Visit an electronics distributor (DigiKey, Newark, Mouser) and search for "led driver" and look for those with 8+ outputs in (assumedly) a DIP package. The advantage is that these drivers will control the current for you -- no need to tie each LED to its own resistor. Specs to look for are their output current and output voltage and of course verify that their pinout matches that of what would be considered a "shift register".

If you're looking for an example to start with you can try the TLC5917.

A non-shift-register but very popular chip is the TLC5940; lots and lots of examples if you google it.

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