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I am currently working on a collision avoidance system project which is very time sensitive. I am trying to simulate my overall system's response time in Matlab's Simulink. I understand that there is an Arduino target package that works with Matlab to gives me real time responses; however I am looking for a general response time for my system. Is there a general transfer function that the Arduino Uno uses or can someone guide me on how I can derive the transfer function of the Arduino Uno myself? I would like to put this transfer function in to a Simulink transfer function block.

Please forgive me if this question has already been posted. I searched the forum and could not find any information on it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Have you had a look at the hardware limitations of Arduino?

I'm just saying that it may not yield the results you expect. But I have no idea what your system is or how complex.

This... is a hobby.


Thanks for your response bubulindo.

I have looked at the hardware limitations of the Arduino Uno and my system is not too complex for the Arduino Uno to handle. Basically I am using a PING ))) Ultrasonic sensor to sense the distance between my car and an object. That information is constantly being sent back to the Arduino Uno Chip. If the distance between my car and the object is within my predefined "danger range", the Arduino will then control the motors of my car and take the appropriate action (stopping the car). What I am trying to do is simulate my response time of how long it will take those instructions to execute once the Ultrasonic sensor is within the "danger range". Sorry for the late response I was a little busy with some school work.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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