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Hi guys,

I try to hook up my micro-step driver at my Arduino UNO board. But i got the problem i have only the basic knowledge of electricity.

The manual of it is this PDF : http://www.cncshop.cz/PDF/M325.pdf

Is it the best way to use PWM for it? I already searched at the internet about this case, but cant find anything similair.

Thanks for the help!

(p.s. my main language is dutch, sorry for my English!)


Is it the best way to use PWM for it?

No PWM should not be used.
It is a stepping motor controller, wire it up as shown in Figure 3.


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Thank you for replying! :)


I put: VCC to +5V

Pul to ...
Dir to...

Enable ( dont need to use )


The pul is pulse the dir is direction you connect them to any arduino output pin. The dir controls the direction of the motor and a pulse on the pul advances the motor by one step.



Thank you!

I go test it, and do some more research on the internet


Ok i did it, for the people who googling this topic and have the same prob. I did somting stupid, i downloaded the wrong image of the wire collers from my motor..  :smiley-roll-sweat:

Now if i just send a puls (200 for 180 degrees) its working perfect (put switch 5-6 on) 800 for switch on 5-6 off!

Thanx alot again ;)

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