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I was working with my Arduino Mega (new version) when suddenly I could no longer upload programs to the board.  The error message was "Com 7 already in use"

This problem seemed to occur after I installed two programs on my computer: LabView and Procomm.  I'm not exactly sure if I was able to program the Arduino after these programs were installed.  In any case I uninstalled both programs and got the same error.

I tried reinstalling the USB driver and got the same error.  I tried a second mega and got the same error.  I tried a Duemilanove and got the same error (after changing the board and serial port settings).  I tried a different USB cable and got the same error.  I tried a completely different computer and got the same error.

Any insights would be much appreciated.



I've managed to solve the "com7 not available" problem.

I think that my program was uploading to the board, its just that I was using the Serial functions incorrectly.  I hypothesize that if a Serial function is used incorrectly there is some sort of interaction between the Arduino and the Arduino IDE  that causes the lock-up of the com port.  In my case I was writing a program to use serial port 1 on the Arduino Mega.  I invoked the following function: Serial1.println( );  The Arduino reference does not state that this function is compatible with serial ports other than the standard port 0 found on all boards.  So I presume this command can't be used, it was an error and caused the lockup.  I also got the same behavior when I invoked Serial.write( ); instead of Serial1.write( );  Not a syntax error but a program error because I did not initialize serial port 0.

When the "com 7 not available" problem occurred I managed to regain control by closing the Arduino IDE, pulling the USB cable out of the board and power cycling the external power supply I was using to power circuits connected to the board.  I could then reconnect the board, open the Arduino IDE and I  got my serial port back in action (most of the time).

Hope this help people with similar problems. 

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