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Dec 10, 2015, 12:54 pm Last Edit: Dec 10, 2015, 01:04 pm by MrFarad3

Reccently a friend of mine just gave me a few PCBs from a bluetooth speaker he had. The problem was he could not tell me what wires were connected to what and this fustrated me to no end, I was planning to use this in an amplifier circuit which could take audio from multiple sources and output the signal to any kind of speakers. The bluetooth module( image attached) was going to be an additional feature which allows anyone to connect wirelessly and play audio through the amp.

Any help or input on each pin/junction would be helpful.


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Sorry, the picture was over 1MB, had to use software to convert it into KB.


Thats not going to be enough info. A pic of the component side would be more helpful.
If you are sure its an amplifier, there will be an input, output to the speaker and power at least.
Trace those lines to the components, look the IC's up to find their pinout.
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Here is the upside part of the circuit. I tried tracing those 6 pins on the edge of the board but it went underneath the bluetooth module on the top which is soldered down by all pins of the pcb. the chip next to the bluetooth board is a HT6871.
2 pins were for the red LED but the other 4 run underneath as mentioned making it impossible to find their functions.

The reason i posted was to have help tracing where the wires go thanks to my idiotic friend. It also seems that the module has 6 pins completley removed for unknown reasons unless they were not needed.

Apollogies if pictures didn't come up at time of upload, technical difficulties on this tablet computer.


You are going to have to take better pictures if you want any guidance.  Even then, this sort of thing is not like asking for help with something "standard", like USB, SATA, VGA, SPDIF... etc.


Turns out that another board was supposed to be soldered directly onto the bluetooth board at a right angle which manages the charging, switching and music input from a jack. Thank you all who replied and helped along the way. The side with the chip manages the charging of the LiPO battery included and the other side manages the audio input from the jack plug.

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