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Ivan B.


I'm really new to Arduino and so far I have been only experimenting. After lurking around I want to start on my first project. I want to build a little sampler. It should play back audio files when you press a button. For this I will be using a Duemilenove and a Wave Shielf from Ladyada with a bunch of buttons. I also want to use an LCD to select kit's and load files from the SD card. For the LCD I chose I2CLCDextraIO because it only uses up 2 pins.

The Wave shield plays back 22khz 12 bit wav files and should be fast enough. It also has a volume rocker and an SD card slot on it.

The biggest trouble I have right now is the enclosure. I have no idea how to make one with the proper cuts and mount points for the hardware.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this to say hi and maybe you guys might have some good advice for me :)

(My super simple mockup attached)


The simplest way is to take your bits down to Maplin or Radio Shack or wherever and pick up an enclosure from there, seeing what will fit.

Buttons, easy - just drill them. The LCD and slots are a bit more interesting, but you could just use a Dremel or something similar.  If it has to look perfect, buy a few enclosures - it won't work out correctly the first time you try it. God knows I have made some horribly wonky holes!


I should really get a dremel...

My current method for non-circular holes in plastic enclosures is to cut inside the dimensions with a coping saw, then use a utility knife to cut away to the correct size, checking constantly as I shave off bits of plastic.  Probably not the most efficient method...

Ivan B.


Thanks for the quick answers!

Can you suggest a dremel that is good for this purpose? I see a lot of them and I don't really know which one I need.

Another concern for me is how you plan for inside mounts and such? I mean how can you mount for example button breakouts so they won't break? Also the Arduino?




Not sure about what dremel, I'd have a look around. For the arduino you could put some holes through and mount it with standoffs.

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