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Author Topic: HSDPA USB Modem 3G technology level  (Read 1231 times)
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HSDPA USB Modem 3G technology level

 HSDPA USB Modem- Equipment access high-speed wireless Internet using 3G (Viettel, Vina, Mobi)
We would like to introduced to you products USB Modem 3G, compact as a USB. With this product you can access the internet from latop in anywhere have wave, with any GMS sim registered GPRS or #G services. Speed Internet access up to 7.2 Mbps. We are tried to run the sim Vina super-fast access speed, can compare the equivalent ADSL.
 HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) is a method of transmitting data by new methods. This is considered 3.5G product line, this technology allows the device download speeds equivalent to ADSL speeds, overcome barriers inherent connect speeds of a phone common. This is a breakthrough solution in terms of technology and are issued on the basis of 3GW-CDMA system.
HSDPA speed data transfer up to 5 times compared to using W-CDMA technology. Theoretically, HSDPA can achieve data transfer speeds up to 3.6, 7.2 and 14.4 Mbps. Now Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Viettel is speed to 3G W-CDMA
With a compact design as the USB, color design professional, you can use the 3.5G USB Modem plugged into laptop or PC (USB support) to access the internet, ai any everywhere with electromagnetic waves. You can use the software attached devices to send messages, phone calls from laptop or PC.
Equipment can be used with any GSM sim any registered GPRS or 3G (Vina, Mobi, Viettel). Price: 1.3 million vnd/unit
For further information please contact:
                           MINH TAM COMPANY
187 Song Hanh st , ward 10 – dist 6 – Ho Chi Minh city, Viet nam
            Tel: (08 ) 35088500 – Fax: (08)062900577

                        Hotline : 0909860609


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