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Hello to all of you Arduino users,

Let me start introducing myself. My name is Erwin (a.k.a. ambuman) and I'm from Holland.

Recently I celebrated my birthday and guess what...
They've bought daddy an Arduino (with a breadboard and wire kit)!!!
You know how that goes.
Daddy searches the WWW...
Daddy orders his goodies...
After a propper inspection daddy passes the "secret box" that he got from the mail man to mommy...
Mommy wraps it up...
You figure out the rest, including the oohs and aahs...

After playing around a bit with simple LED blinking speed and some Knight Rider fun I made up MyFirstArduinoProject  Huh

Here it is:

Let me know what you think of it.




Very nice. I love flashing lights. as long as they are not on the cop car behind me.

Coding Badly


Is the center LED supposed to light during that sequence?


Thanks for your responses! :)

@ CodingBadly
Nope... I used the centre light in the Knight Rider program to test the stuff. In this program I left it out on purpose. It splits the two sides nicely.

Gr. Erwin.


Very nice! I was just thinking today of how simple the light bar in my car would be to make on an arduino and you've clearly shown how!

Looks like you've started on a new and long lasting hobby  ;)

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