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I'm trying to make a shirt that is interactive and would really appreciate any hardware advice -

The game board simply contains 5x5 "buttons" that light up, on the front of the shirt. Ideally I'd like these to be flat rectangles, probably 1.5'' height/width. I don't think they need to be flexible on their own (because I imagine it will bend between them), but I will need to attach them to the shirt somehow...

After searching the forum and the web, I still don't have a good idea on what to build (or buy).

My best idea so far is a flat LED and a button or pressure sensor, both under some sort of diffuser material, but I'm definitely not there yet.

Any thoughts or directions would be great...



Wouldn't the Lilypad arduino be a good choice for that?

Or, take something like the Mini-uino on my link below and add some LED/resistors to it as needed.
Mate it with a flat LiPo battery to keep it thin.

Pre-programmed patterns? Any switches to push? Could use some more details.
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I'm actually ok with the Arduino part of it. My plan was to use the Attiny85 and put it all in a little inside pocket, but the Lilypad could be a better fit.
Connecting everything, adding switches etc. should be fine too. I plan to use a Multiplexer/Demultiplexer to control it.

The part I'm struggling with is the design of the "buttons" themselves. I don't really have a good idea on how to make those.

Looking at a shirt like this, for example - http://www.nitelifetshirts.com/nl424nltransformers-decepticons-p-48.html, it appears that there are 4 sections that light up, and each one is wide and flat. It also lights up homogeneously (i.e. it's not one bright spot that fades towards the edges).  No idea what kind of material is used there, but if it's something that can be purchased and customized, it seems pretty ideal.

One big difference, though, is that I need mine to also be press-able, either simply by touch or by physically slightly pushing them in like buttons (touch would be better).

Hope that makes my question clearer, and really appreciate the help!


Ok, seems like what I'm looking for are EL Panels.

Now time to study up on cutting, connecting and using them...
(and figure out how to make them react to touch/press).

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