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I purchased the EL Sequencer board from Sparkfun. I have a 1m (3ft) el wire attached to it, and a 3V inverter. I draw my power from my USB port.

I have the wire set to flash every 0.4 seconds. Things work well for a few seconds, usually 5-10, and then the board resets itself.

I searched both with google and here on the arduino forums and it doesn't look like anybody has ever reported any problems with the board auto-resetting, so I assume that I am doing something wrong. What might that be? Any hints of things to look for would be appreciated! :)


I can't quite figure out how your power supply is working. I use 'inverter' to mean something that increases the voltage in a supply. Do you mean you have a 3V regulator to bring the USB 5V down to 3V? What's the nominal supply voltage for your Arduino? If it's asking for 3.3V and you're only giving it 3V it might be on the ragged edge of a brown-out. Does the flashing trigger the resets? That would support the theory that it's power supply related.


The inverter is used to convert the DC into AC in order to power the EL wires, which only run on alternative (the whole purpose of the board is to power up some EL wires).

I figured out last night with the help of a friend that the board wasn't drawing enough power - I was using the FTDI 3.3V to draw the power from my USB port, when I should have been using the 5.5V version (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9716).

Problem solved!

Thanks :)


There should be a little jumper pad underneath it that you can change to convert it to 5V ...

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