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I'm new to arduinos and have come across a weird problem with a simple micro servo. I'm using the arduino uno. With servo wires Vcc plugged into +5v on arduino, ground on arduino and signal to digital 9. I'm running the following code. When I run the program the arduino immediately moves clockwise and never stops, it keeps pushing and spastically jittering against its limit angle.
The step motor handles angles <= 160degrees


Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Code: [Select]
#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo;
void setup()
void loop() {


Spastic Servo Syndrome often happens when the servo is powered from the Arduino which cannot provide enough current.  Give it its own power with ground common-ed to Arduino. That might solve the problem....
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the arduino immediately moves clockwise and never stops,

I doubt that you mean this literally. If you are more precise with your use of language it will be easier to help you.



*Never stops trying to move right

Thanks for your replies


*Never stops trying to move right

I was actually trying to draw your attention to the words "the arduino immediately moves"

I strongly suspect the arduino does NOT move.



*Never stops trying to move right

The usual suspects are inadequate power supply, inadequate ground between the servo and arduino, and a corrupt/bad servo control signal.
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