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I'm happy to announce that Bitlash 1.0 (final) is available for download at http://bitlash.net.

Bitlash is an interpreted development environment that lives entirely on your Arduino and supports many of the familiar Arduino C functions.  You can enter commands on the serial port shell, and save them as macros in EEPROM to build small applications.

The principal improvements in this release are to the online documentation, particularly the installation instructions for 0017/0018 which I believe you will find much more satisfactory.

While this is "1.0" it's not the last release by any means; there are big plans for Bitlash in 2010.  If you'd like to follow along, I'll be blogging about ongoing Bitlash development at http://entropymouse.com where I would appreciate your comments.

I would most appreciate it if you all would give the new blog, wiki, and release a thorough workout.

Thanks and happy hacking,

-br a/k/a/ entropymouse


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