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Olympus Camera IR control


Several Olympus camera models can use the RM-1 IR remote to control the shutter and a few other functions:

I reverse-engineered the RM-1 to implement the same functions on an Arduino Diecimila using only an IR LED connected between pin 11 and ground:

Here's a zip file containing the sketch (olympusrm1.pde and irparams.h):

Several macros are defined to emulate the buttons on the RM-1. most notably:


The remote uses the Extended NEC IR protocol.

Connecting a high-power IR LED as shown (without a current-limiting resistor) results on an "on" current of about 80ma. This exceeds the spec of 40ma for Atmega168 output pins, but the duty cycle is low (50% max during pulsing) so it's probably OK.

The range of the setup as shown (LED is Vishay TSAL6100) is about 25 feet, not quite as much as the RM-1 range itself. But it works well within that distance.

Using an Olympus E-510 DSLR as shown, I estimate that there's about a one second lag beween the IR command and when the shutter actually fires.


WOW!  I am trying to do pretty much the same thing.  Amazing job!  You are so much better at the coding than me.


--- Quote ---WOW!  I am trying to do pretty much the same thing.  Amazing job!  You are so much better at the coding than me.
--- End quote ---

Lately I've been experimenting with different types of IR communication, both transmitting and receiving, & it seems like I always strart with drawing a state machine on paper, coding it in a big switch statement in a timer interrupt routine, & the code just grows. Like "a journey of a thousand lines of code starts with state = IDLE."

Brilliant work!

I have not yet worked out how to test it, as I am new to this and cannot decode where to connect the shutter button (or the other ones). But I am sure I will manage in the end, possobly even adding a cable to implement the unctionality from this:


I want to emulate the rm-1 remote for timelapse photography and I just found your post.  The link to the sketch is no longer active, it the sketch still available?


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