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This might be a little-off topic, but does anyone know where to go to discuss PCB fabrication? I've reached the stage in my project where I want to move from a breadboard to my own PCB. I've made my own pcbs in the past using the photoresist/UV light/etching process and I've just started again using the laserjet toner-transfer method.

I've got some questions and issues to discuss, but the few forums I can find seem to be very infrequently visited.

I guess a lot of arduino users also build their own boards? Where do you go to discuss pcb fabrication issues.



I think General Electronics is probably going to be your best bet.  What questions do you have?   I make my own boards at home all the time.


I'm NOT saying "don't discuss it here"... but you might find Good Stuff already in the achives at...


or at the BatchPCB.com site... whether you end up using them or not. I'm a hobbyist/ beginner in that area, and have pretty well decided that I will use BatchPCB when it comes time to do my first that way.

A nice feature of BatchPCB is that IF you wish, they will keep your design "on file", and other people can order "copies" of your masterpiece.

If you want more of my "one eyed king" thoughts on PCB fabrication, they are at....



Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've since discovered that there's a yahoo group forum called 'Homebrew_PCBs' which seems pretty active.


I have done some 'home brew' etching myself.. (actually just whipped one out last night in like 15 minutes)..  using toner transfer/iron method..

works great in a pinch.

I would like to branch out and take a step in the more professional world of this using Eagle.. to sendoff to PCB fab houses..

but even with all the tuts.. its a big learning curve if you are not familiar with this stuff.  (IMHO of course)

That being said.. I had a friend design something in Eagle for me/us.. and we used BatchPCB for it..

they turned out great IMHO.. and I think they had some restrictions on trace widths..etc  things looked and worked good..and the prices and hard to beat.

I wish there was a place for people here to take on small freelance jobs..  (Id like to get a schematic designed) ;)

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