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Hi everyone. I am a newbie here and want to ask you guys something.
I am very interested in connecting Jazz improvisation and visual art together.
Our team did the first exhibition in Chelsea and it was fun.
For a couple of years, due to the economic downturn etc,we could not really
do any further process regarding our project called "interactive Jazz".

Now I would like to develop further and better project and need a help.
If there are anybody who is interested in building this project together or
just willing to consult me to do this project in better way, I would very
appreciate it.

I am a current student at Columbia University and a graduate from NYU music tech.
it will be very exciting project and i really want to do this together with
someone loves music and visual art.

please email me osfnyc@gmail.com if you are interested in this project.

you can find a detail info about project at


thanks guys.

PS: someone in NYC will be good but anyone in the world will be OK too.


What is it you're after with Arduino? I browsed the website some, and between that and your posting it is not at all clear what your goal is.
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