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i just added a slow changing RGB light to my fish bowl :) it used to have 2 boring blue leds on it but not any more :)

1 RBBB board and 2 RGB LEDs later my fish looks happier :)


I'm curious, how often do you need to calibrate the pH probe?


Very nice project! :)

About the pH probes: i recently read that there is some development being done on 100% electronic pH probes that need no recalibration (which would really be ideal for a fully automated aquarium system such as this one) : i don't know if anyone has more information on this , because i could only find a few articles, and the prices mentioned are a bit too much for diy projects.


Hi Everyone,

I bought a 20x4 lcd from futurlec, but as I'm looking at how to connect it I think that it's a parallel lcd and not a serial lcd. Here's the link:


I've also uploaded a picture


I'm thinking it's parallel because it has D0 - D7. If you guys could help that'd be great because I don't see a datasheet on futurlec.


I think we have the same LCD.  Check out my build page at reefprojects.com.  I think you want the I2C controller to connect over the two wire interface:



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I got the LCD from futurlec from the link on your site. Need the serial to I2C board to make it work, but I can't get a hold of web4robots.com (5 business days and no reply. Ordered on Aug. 5).... do you know another place I could get one?


Hi you, what temperature sensor are you using?

Does it work submerged?



I am using a DS18B20.  It is not waterproof, so I housed it in the body of a pen and sealed it with epoxy to make it water/salt proof.  Relivant code and other details are here:


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm designing a board and will be posting the eagle files (as soon as I test and make sure it works without blowing up lol).

Here's some specs of the Aquaduino:

Ability to drive 60 5W (1.4A) luxeons. (uses 2 pwm lines).
ph sensor hookup
2 float sensors
1 misc analogue (salinity is what I want it to be, but i need to figure out how to measure current which seems to be the best way)
1 DS1307 RTC hookup
1 i2c lcd hookup
1 i2c keypad hookup
2 additional i2c hookups
3 temp sensor hookups
4 SSR hookups for AC stuff
rest of the digital pins are on headers (6 left I think).

It should be pretty cool. All the connections are screw terminals (except i2c and temp). The led's are using the lm317 with a 1ohm resistor for 1.25a so if you have 700ma led's you could substitute it. I opted for the 317 because with 5 led's in series it will only waste 1.6 watts out of 25 which really isn't that bad.

The arduino plugs right into the top of the board. Nothing simpler.

It runs off 24 volts (mainly so I could string 5 led's together), and will draw about 18 amps (with leds on). By my calculations I'll still be saving about 30% of the power I draw now.

Anyways, it's hurry up and wait time for me because I need to wait for the board and parts to come in. Pics, video and files coming soon.


Wow, nice feature list. Just need to add code for a auto fish feeder feature and one can leave on vacation with little worry about the little fishies while you are away (short of a power failure of course, UPS anyone?).



Oh yeah! I haven't got any room left on the board, but it could be done with one of the digital pins on the header.

It seems I also forgot about the ATO, but it could be done with the one SSR I have left free.

The whole idea is to have the aquarium run itself because it's pretty time consuming. The only things I wish I knew how to do is measure calcium and conductivity. The conductivity I think I can figure out, but I've yet to find a calcium sensor anywhere.

Other things I want to measure are co2, oxygen, orp. It would also be cool if I could measure ammonia, nitrates and nitrites as well; however, I think I'll need to move up to an Arduino Mega because I'd need more analogue lines.

If anybody knows how we could incorporate any of these into the board I'd love to hear from you.


Hi Andrew,

Which i2c controller are you using for the LCD and Keypad?..as web4robots seem to have gone permanantly AWOL ?

Very interested in your project - im doing something far more basic - a swimming pool controller.


Yeah, web4robot being awol is disappointing. I found the same i2c module on ebay (although it costs about $10 more). Here's a link to the guys store:


If that doesn't work just search for ByVac Electronics.


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