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Things you need to build an Arduino Robot
1) Platform -Body
2) Arduino microcontroller - Brain
3) Sensors -Sensitivities

Let's first talk about Platform
There are all kinds of platforms in the current market, mostly there are five kinds:
1)2WD (Two wheel driving robot platform)
2)4WD (Four wheel driving robot platform)
3) Tracked Robot (looks like a small tank)
4) Robot Legs
5) Robot Arms
Note: You might wanna check this robot website:www.ecerobot.com It also provides some great Arduino example codes for beginners.

Secondly, Arduino microcontroller
1)Arduino UNO
2)Arduino Mega 2560
3)Arduino ADK

For most of time, people attach an expansion shield on the top of microcontrollers to make the wire connections easier. Connect microcontrollers to sensors by using 3p Jumper wires
Arduinio MEGA 2560 is strongly suggested.
It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 14 can be used as PWM outputs) and 16 analog inputs, which can carry more sensors and make your robot acts more dynamic.

The last but not the least - Sensors
Arduino Sensors
Digital Temperature Sensor
Dual-Axis Joystick
MQ-2 Gas Sensor
Relay Module
Big Button Module
RB URF v1.1 Ultrasonic Sensor
Virbration Sensor
Buzzer Module
Mini IR Detector Photoelectric Sensor
Mini IR Line Tracking Sensor
Magnetic Sensor
IR receiver Sensor
IR Transmitter Sensor
One-way Tilt Sensor
Light Sensor
IR Wireless Remote Kit
MQ-3 Gas sensor(Ethanol)
Analog Voltage Divider
Digital LED Module
Infrared Pyroelectricity Sensor
Triple Axis Accelerometer
DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Flame Sensor
Analog 300 Rotation Sensor
WiiChuck Adapter
Bumper Switch
Check over at www.ecerobot.com and find out the right sensors for your robot


Get a long, narrow breadboard.
Use some tape to attach two continuous servos together.  (do this twice)
tape the two pairs to either end of the breadboard.
do your wiring
tape the arduino to the breadboard
tape the battery to the breadboard
cut the bottom off some paper cups and attach that to the servo horns to make wheels.

now all you need are sensors.

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