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My newest project using Arduino. to monitor and document my electricity consumption.

I still have to clean my code, but your feedback suggestions and comments are always appreciated!



thats a nice setup!  with the google api you can make some nice charts without effort from your data ;)


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I've had a system running for quite some time, It does Gas and various temperatures and controls the central heating system too.  My meter is in a dark cupboard indoors, but its a spinning disk job so I have a 'reflective object sensor' (Phototransistor and IR LED in one package) counting how long it takes for the black mark to come round.  The gas meter has a built in magnet on one of its reels for attaching a sensor, so it was just a matter of taping a reed switch in the right place.  

A small linux server which also acts as a firewall and file repository keeps track of the 'score' from the arduino using Bash scripting.  
It also uploads its data to Pachube, although I don't really use the online facilities of Pachube.

Graphs here :  http://pluggy.is-a-geek.com/index.html

Pachube :  http://www.pachube.com/feeds/2480

Somewhat out of date writeup :  http://pluggy.is-a-geek.com/arduino/index.html

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