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Author Topic: RFID reader, what do I need to buy?  (Read 2533 times)
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I'm a programmer totally newbie with Arduino and electronic, my first step will be with a RFID reader.

I need to create a RFID reader and send the IDs initially thought USB, in the future bluetooth, lan, wireless and maybe 3G.

I've found few options described bellow

(Option 1)
RFID Starter Kit -

It looks like perfect for my prototype, I just need to buy the tags and start to write the code. On the other hand, I don't need an Arduino, it means that I wont start my first steps with Arduino.

In the future I will need to transfer the data trought bluetooth, lan and etc and this kit is only USB. I don't know if I can use this kit with Arduino + shields (bluetooth, lan and etc). If not, I'll need to buy other components, spending more money.
(Option 2)
RFID Reader Breakout
RFID Reader ID-12 (125 kHz)
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino with Retail Case

Other option is to buy these components separately. The problem is that I'm not sure about what exactly I need to buy. Just RFID Reader Breakout + RFID Reader ID-12 + Kit for Arduino? What is the Breakout board, do I really need it?

Is the "RFID Reader Breakout + RFID Reader ID-12" the same thing as 25Khz RFID module - UART?

What is the difference between RFID Reader Breakout + RFID Reader ID-12 and 125Khz RFID module - UART?  For both I just need to connect them (without soldering) to Arduino to "create" a RFID reader?

(Option 3 - Ebay!)

Arduino UART RFID Shield Kit
Arduino UNO Advanced Kit IR LCD SD Servo ProtoShield

I'm a programmer, I saw the code to implement a reader, it looks like easy. My doubt just around what I need to buy and what is the best option to start with Arduino and get success with my project.

Other question is about the naming convention. I read Breakout, Frame, Module and Shield on many site referring things, which to me are the same. What is the difference between them?

I found this "recipe"

An mbed!
An ID-12 Innovations RFID reader
ID12 Reader
ID12 Sparkfun Breakout Board

Arduino is a mbed? Where is the Breakout board in this photo

Any advice will be appreciated!

Pablo Cantero
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Hey, found your message just now.. I'm doing the same searches these days.. I'm wondering what did you finally decided?

Personally, I find the following device by adafruit quite interesting. It's actually NFC so it does the same as RFID but also allows bidirectional communication.

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