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Hi all!

First of all I'm new to all this stuff.
I would like to build a machine like this one:
I already have a Gecko drive G540. Can I run the Gecko stepper drive
with the Arduino board, and if, than witch one?

Thank you for an answer!



You could use a Gecko drive (any of them with a step/dir interface) but they would be overkill for this application. The NEMA-17 size motors he's using wouldn't require the power that the Gecko drives are capable of.

You would be better off with a RAMPS board (~$50) and the associated A4988 drivers (~$10/ea). That is what he's using in the video.


Thank you for your replay :)

I already have NEMA-23 motors and my machine is bigger than this one.
Can you tell me if there is a ADURINO board that can run such combination ( NEMA-23, Gecko drive G540 )?

Thank you again!


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