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I'm buying some stuff from elexp.com and I thought I'd pick up some heat shrink tube. I can choose from sizes 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". I want to buy 2 or 3 different sizes - which ones should I get (that I'll use the most often)?


which ones should I get (that I'll use the most often)?

Generally. you get the size that fits the wire you will be using. 1/2"? The started motor on my motorcycle uses smaller wire than that.

There really isn't a lot of use for heat-shrink tubing with Arduino projects.
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I guess I'll be working mostly with 22 AWG solid-core wire. What size should I get for that? 1/8"?


It seems like 1/16" would do well for 22 AWG. Can anybody confirm this?


I've never used anything < about 1/8th" (not that i've ever actually measured it), the stuff shrinks a heck of a lot.

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Yes, do keep in mind that it has about the same shrink amount regardless of size... so it therefore shrinks MORE on smaller sizes relative to wire size.  What I'm saying is that you likely want a larger variation of larger sizes and smaller variation of smaller sizes... just more of it.


If in doubt, go to radio shack and get the multisize pack.

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Make it as small as you can to fit over the wire. The larger stuff is used when combining bunches of wires to make a multicored connection.
There is a limit on how much it shrinks so don't get it too big.


There really isn't a lot of use for heat-shrink tubing with Arduino projects.

I suppose that depends on the project. Or, maybe, how fond you are of excessive fiddling. :)

That's both ends of a DS18B20, on CAT5. I just like to have things nice and tidy. Also, I'll use it to color-code wires, as in this case, red = +V and black = GND. Also, all my wired-up sensors have a self-stick label on them, with the sensor address. Those aren't sticking quite so well, so I'll probably put clear heat-shrink over them.
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Heat shrink is often sold in different shrink ratios, the more it shrinks, the less diameters you'll need.


a 22g wire with (typical) insulation is just barely less than 1/16 inch, which makes 1/16 inch heat shrink a bit too small and 1/8 a bit too large.  3/32 would be better.  Now, if you want to cover splices or solder connections to 22g wire, then 1/8 is probably the right size...

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