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We are trying to test out a RF interface, and have a Uno and a Mega with RF devices plugged into each. We are using Arduino IDE 1.0 RC2.

We have two different sketches which are very similar but in different folders. When we set the Mega sketch Board to Mega, the IDE running the Uno Sketch also changes to Uno along with the serial port. This makes it very difficult to do anything since we would like to change the code on both at the same time.

Any ideas on how to use two Arduino IDEs at the same time would be much appreciated.


OK, just went back to Arduino 0022, and there are no problems here.

Not sure who is doing the QA on these 1.0 Beta releases, but they now have a lot of work to do.


Does the lastest version still have the same problem? I have two simultaneus IDE's (0022) open at the same time, to keep communication code changes synchronized in two arduinos. I just don't like the idea of having only one open. Actually I would need three, but where I play with these toys, we have only on monitor, resolution is too low to have them all open for viewing them all.

What I don't understand, is that why arduino IDE would not use it's path to have temporary files stored, that would help multiple instanses to be open without interfering each others prosessies.

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Hi, we did find a way around this. If the .ino or .pde sketch file is double clicked and the Arduino program opens, you can have two independent Arduino windows running and can use one for the UNO and another for a Mega128 board. We did just this and managed to get the two RF cc2500 modules talking to each other.

The original problem happens if a new Arduino window is spawned off an existing one, by selecting new sketch. I cannot imagine any situation where you would want two Arduino windows talking to the same board so it would be good if this could be changed to be independent. Anyway, thee is a workaround.

Also, we noticed today that Arduino was taking a while to startup and this was caused by having three old IDEs still installed. I think Arduino scans all the directories for sketches on startup. Removing the old IDEs dropped the startup time to 10seconds. Btw, there was no difference between v0022 and 1.0. Thanks.


Removing the old IDEs dropped the startup time to 10seconds.

Mine pops up within 2 seconds of double clicking the icon ...

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