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Hi Guys, I have a Question, readings from my 4 DS 18B20 sensors on One wire thru 4,7 resistor are 0,2 -0,3 °C under real Temperature (measured with calibrated thermometer).
How can I adjust sensors? Will work replacing resistor with potentiometer ?


No these are digital devices. I believe you CAN buy higher-price more accurate units.

Why not "Fix it in Software"?? 
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Aaah, math function in Arduino code.. Thats simple a can work, thanks for Idea..


fixing it in software can be from simple to complex, basicly 4 steps ...

1) adjust all sensors with same offset
2) adjust every sensor its own offset
3) adjust all sensors with a temperature dependant offset - have you tested if the offset is constant over a temperature range?
4) adjust every sensor with its own temperature dependant offset ...

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