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Hi Guys,

I am programming an optical navigation sensor ADNS 6090 sensor with Arduino. I can get some values by accessing some register but for normal operation (getting the delta x and delta y) value, I need to burn a srom file (provided by sensor's company).

the srom file is provided into two format. one with .inc extension (that have the bytes in sromTable) and another normal txt with a byte per line (in total 1986 bytes) which are without "0x" prefix.

Does someone know, how to burn a srom file (anscii file) to the sensor through Arduino? Has anyone programmed ADNS 6090?




according to the datasheet u can send commands via the serial interface (there seems to be some basic firmware on the ADNS6090)...
first u write to the SROM enable register twice...
then to the SROM load register once for each firmware byte...

u dont need an extra memory chip...
u can just read from the arduino flash and send it via the serial interface...


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