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also going through some other folders that came with the SDK there are a lot of files with the extension of " .h "

do you want me to upload some of those files or folders for you to take a look at and see if they are of any value to me?


We have talked to the manufacturer and logic 0 is 3.3V and logic 1 is 0V (if that helps)

Looks like it's the opposite way round to a standard unbuffered UART, in which case you'll need inverters. I suggest a 74HCT04 hex inverter. Use one inverter to receive the 3.3v level signal and feed it to the RxData pin on the mcu or UART. As the HCT series accepts TTL-compatible signal levels, it should accept the 3.3v logic level signal with no problems. Use another inverter to invert the output from the TxData pin, with a voltage divider on the output feeding the camera (e.g. camera input has 10k to gnd, 5k1 to inverter output).

I don't know when the Leonardo will be available, and I've always avoided Software Serial, so I can't offer much help with that. Your other easy option is Arduino Mega.
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