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Topic: 60mm dual color 8x8 LED matrix - marked 'G-Y-X 2088 ABHG' - pinouts (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


... these modules can be sourced cheap from the Emartee online store ...


...finding info on them can be a chase. The 'G-Y-X' prefix on the part
number suggests that Shenzhen Guoyexing Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd had
something to do with their manufacture, but finding anything succinct
about this actual part number seems impossible -- there's a good chance
these modules were/are being used in a big commercial GYK sign setup,
and what we have here are some of those parts =) ...

...the G-Y-X 2088 ABHG is wired a common anode arrangement for
the 8x8 red/green LED matrix, and the internal connections/pinouts the same as ;


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