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Well...we started a arduino proyect a few weeks ago, the ones we finished before worked just fine, this one....not so much. We built a 2wd robot with a robotic arm, camera and a few lights. We are using a Visual Studio 2010 application to control the robot but we also have acces to LabView 2011. But here is where we came to a stop. Our goal was to make it wireless, meaning we want to be able to control it wireless from a laptop. I have a WRT54GL Linksys wireless router, also have a D-Link WBR-1310 wireless router, a ENC28J60 ethernet shield, and may be able to find an old phone with bluetooth.....I tried a few things with not very good results...Does anyone have any sugestons on wich route would be the best....Any help will be apreciated...

Thank you.


Any help will be apreciated...

I voted for wireless. Hope that helps.
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I use a W5100 ethernet shield with Mikrotik/RouterBoard equipment with no problems. I used this with great success:
Arduino/shield -> ether1 router(RB433UAH) wlan1 -> wlan1 router(RB433) ether1 -> ether2 router(RB433AH) ether1 -> internet

I have not tried any of this with the residential equipment, like the D-Link and Linksys stuff.


The below link has some thoughts on a fairly simple wireless router based bot. Unless you are very familiar with the operation of the ENC28J60 based shield, I suggest you use a w5100 based shield for ease of use.

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