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hmmm i got everything working, and when i run the blink test with diffrent speeds, it seems that sometimes the led sometimes changes and doesent have a smooth time on and off... it's only for slight milliseconds, but it's noticable, try it, youll see the led sometimes flicker quick when it's not sapposed to be on or off. it might be the fallback of using 1 resonator, or it might be me

The original dual LED blink test was run for about 9 days without interruption, then we ran a variety of LED blink tests including knight rider in two different modes, and then via USB and a 12v rechargeable cell.

While we didn't experience a problem like that which you've described, if anyone else has, then let me know as soon as possible.  

In the meantime, can you post pix of the assembled PCB, front and back, as it is right now + the code your using?  


well, I have had my first casualty [I fried the regulator on my DC board when using it to send a 5V signal...]

I blew up a BT because I accidentally "bypassed" a 5v regulator, how did you fry yours?


on another note, I got a 25 key membrane pad for the controls, and a PIC serial LCD piggyback board... should free up the extra pins I took for the membrane pad, and still leave some for the I/O board for controlling camera shutters (for the digitals that don't have bulb mode)

Cool, when do you expect it to be ready for testing?


i already posted pics in the other pages, and the code i use is on the arduino program, it's just the digital blink tes, except one has a larger delay. ill have to further test why the led is on or off when it's not sapposed to be sometimes. And just to be more specific, what i notice is that one led flickers on and off, and sometimes it doesent turn off, it skips a beat and stays on for a whole turn where it's sapposed to be onn and off... it kinda skips a beat. By the way, how do i communicate between arduinos? like sending information to one another. i'm working on the first project, and i need the arduino's to work together, almost as 1 arduino


I did find the PCB front pix, can you post the back of the board as well, and were all the components you used new?

What delay settings are you using on each IC?

I can replicate the test with the two different settings, and see if I can get one of the boards here to do the same thing.


a short occurred on the regulator I installed on the dCore board (dust or something, not really visible, and certainly not solder, as I used the regulator just fine before)... I did not have my power jack hooked up yet, so I used the cable I put in for TTL and just used the power on those... I had a spare regulator though that I dug out of a drawer, so no big deal.

Cool, when do you expect it to be ready for testing?

very soon, as soon as the second chip arrives I should be ready for full testing... so far the flash and triggers work (though I am switching from using SCRs to Opto-isolators and hot shoe adapters for my professional flashes which don't have connectors, instead of the disposable camera I have been using)
I also still have to install the event trigger, but I may just use a jack and generic LOW to HIGH code b/c each event is triggered differently, and I want the main testing to be done before adding the smaller things

also, the keypad is working, and I finally figured out how to use a XY matrix on an arduino lol [I knew when I bought the transistors for the event triggers that I had some use for more]

also, that LED thing does not seem like that of a resonator issue, as it is not directly tied, and the chip would probably not respond for a few more moments of it got off timing [at least that's my opinion]


right now i have the dc arduino hooked up with wires everywhere and trinkets hooked up left and right because i'm soldering stuff on like theres no tommorrow, so i cant take a pic of the arduino right now, but if somebody can post how to communicate between the arduinos to send data and such, please tell me so i can finish this project. And all components i used to solder on to the board are new.



Jun 05, 2008, 01:20 am Last Edit: Jun 05, 2008, 01:32 am by big93 Reason: 1
so i'm guessing that the arduinos are connected on pins 0 and 1, the rx and tx pins and they make a two wire interface? But what do i call them? do i have to add a library to my code to make them communicate? sorry, for my noobish questions, but i'm not quite sure how to approach this.

oh yea, and where can i dl the library?

while further researching, i found what my luck usually leads me to find... a problem.... the two wires interface is on analog pins 4 and 5, and i need those pins for my application. Just my luck. so i was thinking of possibly using the digital pins as "message" pins. so if i want the second chip to know something, ill make a digital pin high, or something like that. or i'll just have to make them work seperatly, but appear as they are working like one...


in that case, use the serial commands over the RX and TX lines...


is that also a library, or is that already a part of arduino?



it is built into arduino... it is what allows data to be displayed in the Arduino IDE... or communicate with other units.



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ok, I got my second chip, but I came up with an issue about I2C data... how can I check to see if a certain text was received?
here is where I am apparently messing things up:
Code: [Select]

 Wire.requestFrom(2, 5); //request five bytes
  char datain[5] = {Wire.receive()};
 if (datain[5] = {"del  "})
  flashdelay = setdelay();

I want the code to look for certain commands, for example here, "del  " to set delay

also, on another note, I have to wait to use the LCD, as I misread the pinout on the LCD piggyback board so I have to make a new connector cable...


ok, I just decided to use numbers as integers over I2C top speed things up (no idea how to compare char
  • ...)
    however, there appears to be a short among the membrane circuit, and is causing multiple buttons to be pressed, but curiously, the numbers aren't corresponding to the proper buttons, so maybe it is stuck repeating some other command... but I don't know too much about the bug yet, but everything else seems to be working... I'll post more as I find out.


finally a shop has opened here that sells packs of resistors and LED's :D so i can do some proper experimenting :3

i want to have a bash at charplexing (?).. should be fun :3
B-dui in creation.

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