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Cool, but you know there's already an i2c library available... the "wire" library.

If you've got Arduino10, take a look at:-

Sketchbook -> Examples - > Library-Wire

We'd probably like to keep both IC's "independently programmable" using the DIP selectors SW1 & SW2 which connects either of the IC's to the single FTDI TTL-232 header.

We've also added a master power on/off pcb switch to capitalize on Adaboot's ability to run programs immediately from power up.

So we'll run the boards as is, because it matches our requirements. But it would be good to see variations of it for different applications.


...but you know there's already an i2c library available... the "wire" library...

The wire library is an excellent base implementing the I2C link, but the client needs more code to interpret what's being sent/received on the I2C link. Application layer code, if this were OSI speak.

I look forward to seeing your completed boards when they're done and when they're available for sale.
iDuino - MaxSerial - [url=http://spi


SiaDuino isn't  a mouthful :3 would that be a good name?

and i wouldnt mind one :D

i am currently programming my boarduino from my semi borked freeduino (it no longer runs with any chip in, but the power, reset, and rx tx works fine, so i wire them into the boardiuno and upload sketches fine :) )

B-dui in creation.



That's "over my head" I'm afraid, but it sounds something like a full duplex software work-around?


We settled on dCoreduino168, we might see if four IC's can run off the same resonator one day, just for the sake of seeing if it's doo'able, so the d might change to q   :)


That is awesome!

Now all we need is a couple of water colling systems and overclock the chips. :)

Seriously though, a great idea.

They've been running non stop for the past 4 days to see if anything "flaky" happens, the chips are cold to touch and both are in perfect synchronization.

I'm interested to know - why would a water cooling system be needed?

This hasn't been done before, so all input is welcome ;)

Water cooling is for when you overclock it to 200mHz :)

Glad to see some good feedback and ideas in this thread. And that PCB looks awesome!

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