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you pretty much running the power supply, crystal/oscilator, and i2c, linked to 2 standard arduino circuits.

they both run off the same crystal/oscilator.

the TTL connector is double jumpered to switch between the 2 for programming, so they are not both connected to serial at the same time.
B-dui in creation.


I just skimmed through the thread quickly, so maybe I missed it - but did anyone ever post I2C slave/master code they used during development/testing of this board?


I haven't been here for about a year but short answer, yes, and you can use the standard twi/i2c library examples too.


And for those of you who don't read the entire thread (don't blame you it's pretty big) on about page 9 I had posted the schematics and layouts.

The schematics and PCB layouts are here




Thanks John.

I guess what I'm wondering about is if anyone's put additional effort into "application layer" programming - i.e. abstracting the functions of the "slave" CPU so you can do the equivalent of basic functions (read/write) from the "master" CPU's code. In other words, beyond what's in the example sketches.

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