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hi there,

i have a rotating table which i use for a laserscanning system. i consists of an arduino uno, easydriver and a stepper motor. the code on the arduino listens to the com port. if it receives a "S" the table moves 30degrees. the "S" is sendt by the laserscanning software. this works.

i would like to create a flashfile which has one button. if this button is pressed it should send a "S" to the arduino and the table should move 30degrees.

does anybody know how to do this or give me some starting links? this would be great! have a nice day.


There are much simpler ways than using Flash. Is there some particular reason you want to use flash?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


actually i want to do it in flash as it is the only way i know to create a button and get a exe-file which i can run on my desktop :)

i would be very interested in different ways to do this - please let me know !


Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual C# versions are available free from Microsoft. Each of them allows you to create a form with a button, and have the application connect to the serial port to talk to the Arduino. It's very easy in C#, and not all that difficult in other languages. All cheaper than Flash, too.

I have a C# application that lets you choose a serial port that the Arduino might be connected to, and the baud rate. It has a connect button, and a text field where you can type data, and a text field to see the responses.

It would be trivial to remove the text field(s), and add a button that would send a single letter.

PM me, with an e-mail address, if you are interested in going that route.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual C# versions are available free from Microsoft.

... for however long it takes to starve any competitors to death. I also believe that you aren't allowed to sell anything you do with those "free" applications. So, are you going to go through learning them and then pick up a new language? Or are you going to shrug, say "Oh well", and pay?

I believe Lazarus could do the same thing.
I know Delphi could, but it isn't open source... but Lazarus is sort of an "open source Delphi".
I believe Netbeans could.

Anyone know of other ways to achieve the OP's wants without aiding and abetting Microsoft's rise to world domination and the extinction of other software alternatives?


I believe you can sell software written in the free IDEs from Microsoft.

I am not sure what you have against them, Like them or not MS make by far the best IDEs around and their language support is excellent.

There is also the Mono project if you want a non-microsoft version of .net.

I would rather support Microsoft than Oracle (that own netbeans and java).

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