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Hello everyone!Im new here..we got a project, a programmable 8x80 led matrix signage...the only problem is the remote....I tried putting the IR code but it doesnt work...somebody please help...here is the code..


is there a code that keeps monitoring the ir reciever while doing other commands???


The library you're using does monitor the receiver. If you want something to be done as soon as you receive a code, you could edit the library to call a user function rather than (or in addition to) putting the code in the results.value structure (probably the easiest solution). Or, you could rewrite your LED array writing to be non-blocking.

If you're using a max7221 or max7219 chip (http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX7219-MAX7221.pdf), you could use a library that I wrote that lets you use led.print("Hello") rather than your {H, E, L, L, O, SPACE, W, O, R, L D}, and has the option of making it non-blocking and using interrupts. I didn't do anything for an 8x80 matrix though, just 8x8 (I did start working on how to daisy-chain them, but it didn't pan out).


thanks WIZ...i didnt use max chips..i just use this http://www.instructables.com/id/make-a-24x6-LED-matrix/ as a guide...we manage to make it to 8 by 80 but our teacher said to make it programmable using a remote...

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