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Hi there,

I just bought one of these  http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/perkinelmer/LHI778.pdf

This is just the component and it doesn't seem to be working.

I've tried adapting this tutorial to it.

I figured that this should work or at least get some type of response.

Here is my set up.
Arduino > LHI778
GND > GND lead
5.5V > (200ohm resistor) then "D" lead
Pin2 > S lead

Pin13 > (+LED)
GND > (-LED)

Any help to try and get this working would be appreciated.



What does this 
Arduino > LHI778
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I've tried adapting this tutorial to it.

How, we are not mind readers, how do we know what you have done. It could / is probably incorrect.

Arduino to LHI778

What pins?
I would not have thought it possible to connect this sensor direct to an arduino?

Did you fin a solution to use lhi778?

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