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I am having trouble getting two xbees to communicate in a point to point network.  I had originally had this posted in the programming forum, but I decided to post this over here to see if I can receive any additional help.

I am wanting to control a serial motor driver that in turn powers a model train.

I have a serial motor driver board on a flatcar with the TX and RX pins of that board connected to the Din and Dout of the Xbee.  The TX pin is going to the Din pin on the Xbee.  The serial motor driver is running off of 12 volts DC.

The serial motor driver I am using is made by Sparkfun.  I have provided a link below.


I am using the 5 v output port on the board to power my X bee.  I included two diodes in series to knock down the voltage to 3.3 volts  to power Xbee.

The Xbees version I am using is a Series 1 1MW chip.

My other Xbee is connected to an X-CTU program on my computer via an Xbee Explorer USB chip.  I am trying to send commands from X-CTU to control the serial motor driver.

Because the baud rate used to control the serial motor driver is set at 115200, I made sure to change the baud rate on each Xbee to 115200.  I also checked that they both had the same version of software uploaded.

Commands to Control a Motor:

'1'-Selects Motor 1
'f' or 'r'- selects forward or reverse direction
'1'-'9'-selects speed
'/r'-end of command

When I type these into the XCTU terminal window, I am not getting anything out of the motor driver.

I know my two Xbees aren't communicating, because each time I try the range test, it fails.

I am obviously doing something wrong, please help.

One Xbee has the DL address set to 42 and MY set to 14.  My Second chip has DL set to 14 and MY set to 42.  My DH for both chips are equal to 0.

They are communicating on the PAN ID of 3332, and channel C.  Baud rate is 115200.


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