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Hey there,
Time to hobby again with a XBee. Playing around with the Hibernate function on the XBee. It seems I can put the XBee asleep, but the Arduino main-loop stops as well, while it shouldn't. What I'm trying to do is:

* Arduino pin 8 is connected with XBee pin 9 for the sleep command
- in Setup(), set pin8 LOW, connect with the XBee and send "+++", followed by "ATSM 1"
- Set pin 9 of the XBee HIGH (=go to bed?)
- In the meanwhile, let the main loop switch on LED 13 shortly each 7 seconds

Nothing fancy, but when the XBee goes asleep (the green "Accosciate" LED on the shield goes off), the Arduino loop stops as well. At least, I don't see my LED toggling anymore.

If I keep pin 9 low, or put the sleep mode at ATSM 0 (sleep off), the main loop keeps working... It's as if the main loop is waiting forever, but for what (serial input?)? Should I stop the Serial connection as well when putting it to sleep (Serial.), and thus also restart with Serial.begin when I want to wake-up the XBee?
Code: [Select]

    void setup()
        // Wake XBee, set it up
        pinMode( 13 , OUTPUT);     // LED
        pinMode(  8 , OUTPUT);     // Goes to XBee Hibernate pin 9
        digitalWrite(  8, LOW  );  // Power up
        digitalWrite( 13, LOW  );  //


        // Start serial comm, and send AT command to set the sleep modus
        Serial.begin( 9600 );       
        Serial.print("+++");  // put the XBee in command mode

        if (checkSerialForOk())
           Serial.println("ATSM 1");
           if (checkSerialForOk())
              digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); // Test if we received "OK"
        // Bedtime
        digitalWrite( 8, HIGH );

    } // setup
    void loop()
        digitalWrite( 13, HIGH );  // Just show we're alive
delay( 1000 );
        digitalWrite( 13, LOW );
// Later on I want to wake up the XBee each X time, and use the watchdog
// to put the Arduino asleep as well...

Additional notes:
- Also when storing the sleep mode and skipping the entire AT-command setup will put both the XBee & Arduino asleep.
- Once asleep, the reset button doesn't work anymore... The green "power" LED keeps on though
- Using a Arduino duemilanove Atmega 328, XBee shield & Xbee shield. Nothing else.




I don't understand you quite well. But I'm trying to explain what I'm doing.

I'm using an arduino FIO with a xbee module. The fio will feed from a battery. Like you, I achieve to sleep the xbee module, but I'm not sure if doing that I'm sleeping the fio too.

I have some questions or comments to ask.... You enter on command mode, why? I used the  x-ctu program to enable SM to 1, I'm not concerning to putting to 0 later. I copy I part of my program

void setup() {
  pinMode(sleepPin, OUTPUT);    // OUTPUT controls xbee module
  digitalWrite(sleepPin, LOW);       // set to LOW (wake)
  xbee.begin(9600);  // start XBee communication

void loop() { 

    Serial.print("\n  zZzZzZzZ \n");
    digitalWrite(sleepPin, HIGH);  // sleep state

    delay(SLEEP_CYCLE*1000);  // tiempo en ms, declarado como UNSIGNED LONG !!!!

    digitalWrite(sleepPin, LOW); // ESTADO DESPIERTO
    Serial.print("\n  DESPIERTO\n");
    // 1. medir temperatura y humedad
    temperature = readSensor('T');
    humidity = readSensor('H');
    uint8_t data[] = { 3,4,1,temperature,2,humidity };
    uint8_t length = sizeof(data);
    uint8_t option = 0;

As you can see I do not enter to command mode...

well, maybe you don't need my experience xD but I was wondering if you are interesting on sleeping the board. I found these libraries:
narcoleptic --> (http://code.google.com/p/narcoleptic/)
enerlib --> (http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/LibraryList).

But, in all of them, it seems to be necessary an external action like press a button or write something on the monitor ... Well, rigth now, I am not quite sure of that, but what I need is a sort of a counter that when it is expired the board wakes up do something and again sleep, all itself without a external action.

I hope I could help you and overall,  you or somebody could give me a clue.


(sorry for my english)

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