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I built a Pulsecounter & Datalogger using the new Arduino Ethernet and Arduino22 environment.
It includes SD card logging, webserving, NTP clock synchronization over the ethernet.

You can find a description along with the code (GPLed) at http://marco.guardigli.it/2011/11/tomware-arduino-ethernet-datalogger.html

I will have to evolve it including FFT capability of high frequency multi channel analog samples. Will keep it posted.

Marco Guardigli



looks good at first sight (not tested)

from your code
be careful in increasing string space. this software uses almost all the arduino ATMEGA328 memory (2Kb) 

CHeck the reference pages about PROGMEM to place fixed strings in flash instead of RAM ... - http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/PROGMEM -

my 2 cents,

Rob Tillaart

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