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Is it reasonable to think that one could get reasonably accurate repeatable rotation from a 3 axis gyro sensor? I mean, if I have the sensor mounted on a tripod and rotate it all around and then return it to the starting position, should I be end up with sensor readings that indicate that?

I set up an example of what I am talking about that you can see here:

You can see that it does a pretty good job of detecting the angles, but by the end you can see that it is a little bit off.  This seems to become more pronounced as your rotate around multiple axis, but that might just be my imagination.  Is this a controllable thing, or am I asking to much of this sensor?


I think you are expecting too much from a rate gyro.  It's designed to tell you how quickly you are turning, not absolute angles.  All the adding and multiplying needed to integrate the area under the curve will accumulate errors.
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