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Android and Arduino Serial Bluetooth App - BlueSerial (Beta)

i am a beginner for arduino

i currently working on project just to turn on ""LED 13 via Bluetooth / using app BLUETOOTH SPP PRO""  

hard wiring connection is like this

arduino                       HC-05


my sketch is like this

void setup() {
void loop() {
 char c = Serial.read();
 Serial.println("you have a connection");
 if (c == '1') digitalWrite(13,HIGH);
 Serial.println("13 on");
 if (c == '2') digitalWrite(13,LOW);
 Serial.println("13 off");

so when i use serial monitor every this is ok and fine

but when i use mobile app Bluetooth spp pro nothing is happening
unreadable text continue receiving on mobile from arduino

sir what to do have to some correction in hard wiring or what ??
i see somewhere voltage divider is used to to maintain some voltage level at rx or tx pin of HC-05 module.

what to do please help
please suggest best app to control digital pin to set high/low via bluetooth


Why all the white space that makes your post hard to read ? Please edit it and tidy it up.

Are you using a Uno ?

I presume you are trying to use your Bluetooth device connected to the same Rx and Tx pins that are use for USB communication with yout PC ?

Have you disconnected the Arduino from the PC before trying to use the Bluetooth device? If not the two uses will be conflicting with each other.

It is common to use SoftwareSerial to create a second SerialPort on some of the other I/O pins and connect the Bluetooth module to those pins. That way you can communicate with your Bluetooth device and your PC at the same time.


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